Santa Visits

Santa Visits are sponsored by the Cortopassi Family Foundation.

Art For All

A multi-generational art program sponsored by Sunflower Presents, Jagged Lines of Communication and the Stockton Art Council.  


Make a donation to Sunflower Presents for someone's birthday, anniversary, wedding.  Honoring someone is a great way of helping Sunflower Presents to continue bringing quality entertainment to our seniors.  Contact us for more information at (209) 472-7801.

Volunteer and Join Us

Giving to Others

Promoting wellness through the healing art of entertainment

Sunflower Presents

6037 N. Pershing Avenue

Stockton, CA  95207

(209) 472-7801


 Memory garden

Sunflower Honors Volunteers


Each year our Board  honors our volunteers for their valuable gifts of talent and the many hours given to raise spirits of those we serve. Lunch, fun and entertainment was enjoyed by all at Camlu Assisted Living Center.  Beverly Deeley, Program Director, organized and assisted the Board with this wonderful event.   Contact us if you are interested in volunteering at (209) 472-7801.

Sunflower Presents provides live entertainment to those confined in care facilities, retirement and assisted living communities in San Joaquin County. Entertainment ranges from singing, musical concerts, storytelling, dancing, magic and special presentations. Sunflower Presents believes that live music, or live presentations, is far more powerful than the sound that may come out of a CD player, IPod or video playback.  We respect and honor the transformative nature of live entertainment that can activate the part of the brain that controls memory and can evoke a powerful response. 

Sunflower Power!

Honoring those near and dear to you AND helping out those less fortunate is how  you can participate in the Sunflower Memory Garden.  Remember Sunflower when it is time to honor birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.  Sunflower is also a wonderful way to honor those who are no longer with us. 

Contact Sunflower at (209) 472-7801 

Our Mission


Marian Jacobs & Marian Robertson

Our Founders - It all started 40 years ago - Marian Jacobs and Marian Robertson.

We are always looking for people who are willing to donate their time and talents to bring happiness, laughter and fun to those less fortunate of San Joaquin County.  It can be as little as one hour a month or a couple of performance a week - its all according to your schedule. Contact us at (209) 472-7801 -

We are waiting for you to join us!

Sunflower Presents is an independent community based, non-profit organization designed to provide live entertainment to the confined, disabled and  senior communities to help them re-establish contacts with the outside community, and nurture their individual worth.



Find your inner power by helping others